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AI Hologram Assistant

Hands on into development of cutting edge technology tools!

Team Meeting

AI Holograms

We create captivating 3D holograms featuring AI interactions to engage with your audience, whether in a store, on a stage, or any other setting, bringing your narrative to life.

In collaboration with Hologramica & Hypersvsn, we provide our clients with top-tier holographic gauze and projectors.

Analysing data

Storytelling in 3D

Our fully equipped facility offers clients comprehensive turnkey solutions, including real-time motion capture, 3D asset creation, animation, rigging, and more.


Ask Jimmy Falon about it

We're excited to collaborate on the "Johnny Carson: The Immersive Experience" at the National Comedy Center, featuring our holographic host, Jimmy Fallon. This exhibit blends comedy legends with cutting-edge technology, celebrating Johnny Carson’s iconic legacy. Experience it 

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